How to Keep Calm in the Lead Up to Your Wedding


As your wedding day approaches you’ll probably feel a whole range of emotions - elated, excited, impatient, nervous and more. After all your hard work and monumental effort, the whole “Getting Married” part should be a breeze, right?

So why then, do so many brides suddenly start freaking out in the weeks leading up to their wedding? This is supposed to be the day of your dreams; why are you suddenly having nightmares?

Feeling anxious about the wedding is totally normal. There is, however, a huge difference between mild apprehension and all-out panic. Don’t let chaos destroy your day, keep your cool when things heat up. Here are three ways to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and everyone enjoys themselves as much as possible, especially you and your partner!

1. Professional Delegation

The first thing to bear in mind is that things CAN and DO go wrong at weddings. Ask anyone who has ever got married and they will tell you that at least one thing didn’t go to plan. Blissfully, there is something you can do to minimise the chance of this ruining your day. Hire a professional!

A Wedding Day Co-ordinator is trained to handle the unexpected, has skills and experience in dealing with weddings and a network of contacts to call in an emergency. If you can possibly afford it, I would recommendation hiring your own Wedding Day Co-ordinator to stop molehills turning into mountains. The peace of mind and reassurance you’ll get knowing your wedding is being run by an expert is well worth the money.

Think about it, would you rather be having brunch with your bridesmaids or dealing with dramas from your wedding suppliers? EXACTLY!

Let your co-ordinator be responsible for keeping everything on track and running seamlessly so you can relax and enjoy yourself!

2. Be prepared

In the weeks and days before the wedding there will be heaps to finalise. Being well prepared will stop you feeling overwhelmed by all the little details. Have you figured out who’s getting ready where? Have you made a list of hire items to be returned? Have you organised payments for all your suppliers?

With so much going on it’s easy to start stressing but now is not the time to fall to pieces. Pull up your big girl pants and get yourself organised lovely!

At the very minimum you need a run sheet. This is a detailed event programme containing information about your wedding day, from set-up to pack down. Ideally it includes the contact details of all bridal party members and wedding day suppliers too. Give a copy of your run sheet to everyone involved in planning your wedding to avoid any confusion

Next, consider what might go wrong. Sure, you can’t pre-empt every single thing but you CAN be prepared for minor emergencies. A ladder in your tights, your MiL with a shocking headache, last minute wardrobe malfunctions… having a solution to these common problems can go a long way to saving your sanity. A good idea is to grab yourself a wedding day emergency kit, just in case.

Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it right?

As well as being physically prepared, you should also try to get mentally prepared. By this I mean having the right mindset. A positive attitude will go such a long way to making your day amazing.

“The difference between an ordeal and an adventure is your attitude”

I love this quote and it’s so appropriate for you in the lead up to your day.

No matter how well planned, there are some things you can’t control about your wedding. Like the weather. If it rains, it rains. Accept that and remember you’ve done everything in your power to make this day the best day ever,

3. Enjoy Your Day

This might sound like a complete no-brainer, enjoy your day, but you’d be amazed how many brides spend the first half of their wedding day stressing out. It’s crazy! Your only responsibility now should be to relax and have fun! Here’s how:

Get a good start

First off, getting a good night’s sleep will help. Excited as you are, skipping the Champagne the night before and getting an early night will mean you look and feel your best on the big morning. Having a decent breakfast is also a good idea. Even if you have butterflies in your stomach, try to eat something nutritious and filling anyway, you’ll need all your energy for the celebrations ahead.

Let it go

With all that’s going on you may be tempted to check that every little detail is panning out perfectly. For the sake of your sanity…DON’T DO THIS. Accept you’ve done all you can and trust the professionals to do their jobs.

Hand your mobile over to your Maid of Honour (or someone who will be with you for most of the day) and get them to vet any calls that come in. If it’s an urgent matter that requires your attention then deal with it, if you must but try to avoid getting involved with the small stuff.  Honestly, with all the effort you have put into this day you have every right to be just a little bit selfish!

Remember it!

Your first married kiss, standing before your loved ones is a moment to treasure. But while you hope your marriage lasts forever, sadly your wedding day won’t. No matter how amazing, it will be over too soon and all that remains is photographs and memories.

Best make them awesome and try not to miss a thing when you are caught up in all the excitement.

This little tip will help you to really remember all the wonderful things about your day.

Every hour or so, take a deep breath and just enjoy the moment. Have your partner set an alarm to remind you to stop what you’re doing and look around. Drink it all in and focus on how you feel. This will help you remember more of those little details, creating the memories that will last for a lifetime.

Now, go forth and enjoy YOUR WEDDING.

It’s going to be epic.

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