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Awesome that you're here, I hope you get lots of value from the videos below. But just before you dive in, remember the sparkly gift I promised for a limited number of brides-to-be? These super cute "I do" shoe stickers always bring lots of smiles and look great in your wedding photos.

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Anyway, enough about me. It's time for you to learn how to go about planning your wedding the right way. Here's the videos...

Video 1: Start At The End

The first video explains why it's ESSENTIAL to start with the end in mind and what that even means! You want your wedding to be awesome, not average.

Video 2: The First Step

In this video I'll cover what you need to do first to plan your perfect wedding. HINT: It's NOT what all the other websites, blogs and apps tell you to do!

Video 3: The Worst Mistake

Learn what ALL professional wedding planners DO that most couples DON’T... and why avoiding this mistake will save you so much more than just money!

Well done you! Simply watching those videos means you now know more about wedding planning than most brides to be. You're on your way to the most most authentic, memorable wedding day.

What Now?

Well, you have 2 choices...

Option 1: You go off and create your own Wedding Concept.

If you're super creative, have a crystal clear vision and know how to design your own wedding story... please share it with me. I love seeing how my advice has been put in to action. And, you know, I'm a wedding addict!

Option 2: You make the decision to work with me!

Let me hold your hand and walk you through this process, to make it as joyful as it can be. Remove all the confusion about what to include, what not to include and if your ideas will work or not.

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