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Get an authentic brand that you AND your customers are obsessed with!


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A custom designed brand for your business that is both beautiful and authentic.

3 seconds. That’s all you have to make a good first impression in today’s digital world. You need to stand out, for all the right reasons. Let me create an identity for your business that goes way deeper than just aesthetics. Connect with your audience and make them want to pick YOU!

  • 6 page branding guide that will become like your bible
  • Your brand values, voice, vision & visuals… all put together in one glorious document
  • Fonts, colours, visual elements & inspiration
  • Your story, told your way – authentically, of course
  • Get clear on your verticals! Define niche content segments so you never wonder what to post again



After you’ve purchased this service, I’ll be in touch to find out more about your business and exactly what you so unique. We can chat via email, via Messenger or on the phone. Whatever works best for you.

I’ll send you a link to run through some quizzes so we can delve deeper into what’s at the heart of your business and how you want to present yourself to the world.

Once we’re both on the same page, you’ll receive a client agreement to sign. Then I work my magic creating your brand. Too easy!

Generally I like to have brand identity documents done within 2 weeks. This gives me time to really dig deep and create something truly unforgettable that you and your audience will adore.

Occasionally there may be delays though because we might not nail it on the first, second or even third revision. You can’t rush perfection ?

Plus I’m a single mother of 4… and life happens. I can’t promise it will be ready in 2 weeks but I DO promise to stay in touch regularly. So you’ll never be left wondering “wtf is going on?”

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m all about being authentic ? I believe that the only way to live life fully is to know and love yourself completely. This needs to show in your brand.

I like to get pretty deep with my clients and will likely ask a whole bunch of questions. Kinda like peeling back the layers of an onion to get to the sweetest part in the middle.

I’ll use a few tricks I have up my sleeve to help us both clarity because it’s essential that you love your brand. I mean, if you don’t – who else will?!?

If you’re wondering why bother spending money on a brand identity when you can easily jump on Canva and throw something together yourself, the answer is simple.

The most unique thing about your business is YOU!While there may be plenty of others who sell what you sell, there is no-one else in the whole world who has your unique experiences, skills and personality. The more of that you can show in your brand, the easier it becomes to effortlessly attract and connect with your target audience.

With everyone’s bullshit radars on high alert, being fake is no longer an option. It’s time to get real.

If you can’t justify spending so much on your brand right now, I totally understand ?

But please believe me when I say this… a logo, a colour palette and some fonts is NOT a brand. It’s an aesthetic. And it’s simply not enough in 2022.

You need to go deeper. That’s where the magic happens.

Looking for a cheaper alternative? Check out my DIY branding course below. It’s packed full of wisdom to help you create an awesome brand on a budget.

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