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How great would it be if your best friend was a Wedding Planner?

Ok, so your bestie probably doesn’t plan weddings for a living, but how awesome would it be if she did?

You could tap into her experience to get the most important decisions right. Maybe you're struggling to choose what style of wedding you want or can't wrap your head around the budget... well, she could help you get crystal clear.

How good would it feel to have someone help you prioritise the essentials and gently pull you away from all those shiny, distracting things? No matter what issue you had, you could trust that she’s got your best interests at heart.

If only…

OK, I'm not saying I'm your bestie... but pretty much everything else she’d do for you - so can I!

Wedding Coaching

If you're wondering "what's a wedding coach"... allow me to explain.

Different from a Wedding Planner who is hired to organise some (or all) of the celebrations, a Wedding Coach teaches YOU the most effective way to plan your own... then supports you through the process.

Wedding Coaching exists in the gap between doing it all yourself (which can be challenging) and paying a planner to do it (which is expensive). Like a sports coach or a business coach, I provide clarity, direction and a plan to move forward. Let me guide you through your Wedding Planning Journey to get the day of your dreams, without the nightmares.

Who's it for?

I coach couples who want to plan their own wedding but realise they lack the experience, confidence and skills knowing the best way to do it. My clients are  smart, tech savvy people who are just getting started with planning and want to create a personal, memorable wedding without wasting money.

Working with me puts you firmly in control of your wedding but with all the support you need from a professional wedding planner.

Free Discovery Call

Book a no-obligation phone chat to talk through your wedding ideas

Free Discovery Call

Book a no-obligation phone chat to talk through your wedding ideas

What's involved?

Wedding coaching sessions are different for everyone. Just as no two weddings are the same, coaching sessions are unique for each couple.

Depending on what you need, it can be anything from a one-off session, to a service that covers the whole engagement right up to the wedding.

In any case, it's still cheaper than hiring a wedding planner because YOU are the planner! I'll show you the least stressful, most cost-effective way to get the day of your dreams. Check out my services here.